Induction Training


Induction training is primarily an introduction of new entrants in company environment, culture, objective, process & people; so that he gets aquatinted with these prime factors that influence the way of working for an individual. It is a kind of systematic learning, that fits the candidate with overall objective of the organisation.


  • Create positive atmosphere
  • Bring comfort level in the candidate
  • Get to know about companies policies, process & objective
  • Understand organisation value
  • Role as an individual & team
  • How we can help?

  • The new employee who wants to be integrated into the group of the organisation will know about the particular task that he will do within the whole system of the organisation.
  • The trainer is able to get to the trainees trained up in order to successfully integrate them into the specific area of the organisation for which the individual is being hired & trained for.
  • Benefit

    The induction process familiarises new employees with the business and the people and enables them to become productive as quickly as possible. The cost of not training is considered effectively higher than the cost of training. The main advantage of induction training is that it can be brief and informative allowing businesses to save time and money on planning and conducting sessions to align them as per business objective.