About Us

Empowerment4u emphasise on quality education in Telecom, IT & interpersonal skills through industry experienced professionals, that is a straight value to your business, time & money. Gurgaon being one of the biggest industry hub in India, we have set-up our headquarters here with educational presence across the nation. We follow flexible delivery models as per client needs to best utilise the time & resources. Amongst educational institutes, we design programmes to prepare students ready for corporate world to brighten their career prospects; and also educate faculty to train students/trainees, for strengthened education system.
Training: We are focused & committed to create high quality work force that unleash their expertise to learners; that empowers them to uphold their expertise at a new level.It is what makes us distinct in this arena.

Consulting: Our expertise are scaled from technological strategy to execution, managed services, operational excellence to project management. It is shouldered by industry experienced professional that are subject matter expert in their respective domains.

We offer various services that best suit the need of customers, our consultancy team do focus on company requirement and committed to deliver innovative strategy moves, better planning & efficient operations.

Quality is the need of time, and empowerment4u is committed to deliver quality trainings & consultancy. We design training session as per customer need, and we see ourself known for quality education & consulting in defined set of arena.

There is tremendous growth seen in training & development field in recent time, and the trend surely be continued in coming years. Companies are getting more focused on development of employees not only for their technical skills but also for interpersonal skills. Since inception, we have been focusing on quality in training content and we are continuously developing it through our expert training partners. Time to time feedback from client is undoubtedly helping in developing the contents appropriately. We know time is precious and to utilise best of it, we are moving towards designing our contents for on-line workshops. e-learning modules is also in our focus, where customised courses can be made available as per best suited time for customers. We see ourself excel in this domain on a very good pace without loosing focus on quality.

Customer focus: We respect customer requirement and design modules as per the training needs. We believe in going extra mile in delivering best suited contents as per customers expectations. We continuously enhance our contents to achieve highest level of standards in training.

Innovation: Our dedicated training partners keep looking for new possibilities and explore ideas to achieve new heights in developing quality contents. We do not hesitate to engross suggestions that suits our objective.

Integrity: We are quality focus by virtue, and follow highest level of moral, intellectual & ethical values. Our professionalism speak about all these good things that we are intending upon.

We have subject matter expert as our training partners, which strive in enhancing their skills with continuous engagements in corporate and attending workshops/seminars on latest technology. As a need of time, we do focus on client requirements and offer him best suited contents with practical implementation in real world. Our training staff has enormous working experience, and known in industry for the expertise in relevant field. Our training partners carry best academic trajectory & grades and their experience makes them best fit as trainers.

Our training partners have versatile experience in Telecom domain with in depth knowledge on their respective expertise domains. Our prime focus & expertise on telecom domains enable us to offer following training modules for corporates