Soft Skill Trainings

Overview and Objective

Unlike hard skills like chemistry & mathematics, where there is define set of rules to achieve desired results; how effective you are in your personal & professional sphere depends upon your emotional intelligence quotient, external circumstances and type of people you interact with. Since soft skills are about individuals inner strength, interpersonal effectiveness, time management & ability to handle situations; as long as you work with people, these skills are valuable & proven as master key to success. It is an ongoing journey as you can reach to mastering stage or a level of competency, but need of hour will change with the people you interact with.

Empowerment4u offers wide variety of programmes that provides a substantial effectiveness to this subject, and help in demystifying aspect of personal & professional success. Our designated partners keep working on improving training contents & topics by extracting excerpts from various motivational leaders write-ups & speeches, life and biography of winners. We strongly believe in train the trainer concept and thus their regular training courses & sessions not only keep them motivated but also help in polishing their skills that takes them to a new height.

Delivery Mechanism

Empowerment4u developed programmes & modules from in depth understanding of professional and life experiences. We get into customer shoes with our proprietor assessment methodology, which enable us to build contents as per the need of customers. The customised modules are then designed to fit into the time frame available as per delivery mechanism with minimum impact on clients business. Our programs have been seen to be best effective when they are experiential in nature. These workshops can be conducted in house at client premises or at our recommended out-location campuses or a destination of clients choice.

Glimpse on soft skills modules/topics: