Outbound Workshops

Overview and Objective

Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common goal. Enhancing individual abilities to accomplish difficult targets; it is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. In general; it is a break from routine work that gives participants the required environs to be able to introspect and analyse them-selves. As a facilitator; we create circumstances that encourage participants to discover their strength and answers to challenging situations.

Participants are encouraged to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems, making decisions, display leadership, take risks, time management, motivation, change, team bonding and personal development. Outbound training workshops boost organisational performance through experiential learning. It creates an effective learning platform, that develops leadership abilities and teach them to create a culture which works effectively as a whole for organisational success. The adventurous and experiential exercises promote self-discovery; that imbibes a powerful insight into one's own ability & team’s work style, and elevate behavioural skills. Outdoor activities help submerge individuals into a pool of environment; which is focused, opens to new challenges, ability to take calculated risks, high trust, solve problem using creativity, moving out of comfort zone, accepting change & growth, using emotional intelligence to enhance relationships, experimentations and power of independence.

Delivery of Outbound Workshop

The empowerment4u outbound workshops are best effective for cross-functional teams and across hierarchies; and it helps individual & teams in

  • Building self-esteem, self confidence, positive attitude, respect, relationship, motivation and trust
  • Developing self awareness, courage, risk taking abilities, leadership, social skills and overcoming fear
  • Aligning to individual, team & organisational goals
  • Managing conflicts, time & stress
  • Importance of physical activities & its health benefits
  • Improve communication, solving problems, team work and unlocking potential of team members
  • Increased innovation, productivity, collaboration, group dynamics & team performance
  • Building common vision, values & team spirit
  • Importance of transparent communication, developing strategies with team, building trust and exchanging feedback for improvement.
  • ‘Empowerment4u’ is a leading training organisation that empowers their clients with customised outbound training programs, team building workshops and associated services as per the need of client. Our expert training partners do full time assessment of client requirements; and prepare an exhaustive design that helps in achieving the overall objective with best performance.

    The workshops are designed by our expert trainers that have done enormous work in this domain and inspired from the works of many experts and psychologists who are considered godfather in this arena. We have taken best excerpts from the learnings and development material & tool, that helped in designing these workshops effectively to best suit the need to clients. Some of the names for reference are Stephen R. Covey, Ken Blanchard, E. De Bono, Jim Rohn & Less Brown.

    The ideal duration for outdoor workshops is 2-4 days and can be conducted in or around NCR, Shimla, Manali, Corbett, Rishikesh, Jaipur or destination as suggested by client.